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Data Engineer

Hello, I’m Ana

Data Engineer @ Data Minded

Ana Escobar

“Caminante no hay camino, se hace camino al andar” – Antonio Machado

In English: “Traveller, there’s no way ahead, you make your way by walking”

5+ Years of Software and Data Engineering Experience

Started my journey as a web developer in Dublin, later on I moved into a backend software engineer position in Spain and nowadays I’m a data engineer in Belgium. I have a special interest in Real Time systems, you will find most of my personal projects include streaming.

While I’m not working on a project, I’m teaching. You can find me at Universities and Organisations spreading the data love.


Data Engineer  @  Data Minded  /  2023 to Present 

Leuven, BE

Data Engineering consultancy, client range from Start-up to Enterprise & Government.

Main technical responsibilities include development, testing, deployment and documentation of projects.

Other responsibilities: organization of tech events, knowledge sharing within the company.

Tech Stack: Python, Azure, Airflow, Conveyor, Spark, Docker, AWS

Data Pipelines Lecturer  @  Data ScienceTech Institue  /  2023 to Present

Paris & Sophia Antipolis, FR

Teaching in the Applied MSc in Data Engineering for AI: Apache Spark, Lambda & Kappa Architectures, MapReduce, Terraform, GitHub Actions, Apache Spark Structured Streaming, Apache Kafka, and finally how to deploy Amazon EMR Serverless and Amazon MSK in AWS

Software Data Engineer  @  Galeo Tech  /  2020 to 2022

Madrid, SP

Global activities related to technology and product development, in particular in everything related to data platforms, edge and cloud processing and the processes of deployment, integration and project management.

Responsibilities: design, development and coordination of projects besides the development of services related to the Engineering (Data Products) area of ​​the company.

Tech Stack: Python- Django Framework, MS Azure, Azure Databricks, Azure Devops, AWS, Terraform, Apache
Kafka, Confluent Cloud,JulieOps, Docker,PostgreSQL, API Development, GCP (Google Cloud
Platform), BigQuery

Data Scientist  @  Fundación Princesa de Asturias  /  2020

Oviedo, SP

Support work in digitization of cultural and educational projects. Work on data science, work on a database for the maintenance and segmentation of the public that attend the activities of the Princess of Asturias Foundation.

Tech Stack: Python, Pandas, MS SQL Server, UML Design

IT Web Developer  @  Brox Technology  /  2020

Dublin, IR

Tech Stack: WordPress, Divi, JavaScript, Prestashop, HTML, CSS


Applied MSc in Data Engineering for AI (fFirst Class Honors) @ Data ScienceTech Institute

Sophia Antipolis, FR

Expert en sciences des données – RNCP 34262-7
Skill set: Cloud Computing (Azure and AWS), Datawarehousing and ETL, Data Pipeline, Hadoop and Spark, DevOps, Data Science

Bilingual BSc Computer Software Engineering @  University of Oviedo 

Oviedo, SP

Honorable grades: Statistics, Robotics, Business Professional Experiences

Modules achieved with full mark (10.00): Software Architecture, Software Design, Distributed Systems, Requirements Engineering

Extracurricular Activities: Basketball referee, DSC Member, GDG Asturias member, New North member

BSc (Hons) Software Development  @  Cork Institute of Technology 

Cork, IR

Extracurricular Activities: Basketball team, Women in STEM society


AWS and Azure. Terraform as IaC tool to manage the infrastructure.

AWS Solutions Architect Certified, Terraform Certified.


MSSQL, Neo4J, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, DynamoDB, Azure SQL Server.

Neo4J Certified Professional, MongoDB Certified Developer.


Airflow for scheduling. Spark, Pandas or Polars for the transformation layer. Conveyor for running the DAGs.

Knowledge Sharing

Spreading the data love at Universities, Organizations, and MeetUps. Also, writing content on Medium and LinkedIn.

Featured Work

Streaming Monitoring System

Monitors hardware in real-time to predict the device status. Send alerts to the end user if one of his devices is soon to be stressed based on the prediction of the machine learning models. The sensor’s measurements data and the predictions will be stored in AWS DynamoDB, accessible by the user whenever he requests through a bot implemented using Telegram. This bot serves both use cases, alerting and monitoring.

Thrive Marketing

Lead the back-end development of the project. Used Django and Google BigQuery. 

Design of a recommender system of mobile applications according to the patient’s pathology

Development of a recommendation system based on artificial intelligence techniques, mainly machine learning and natural language processing. With the research group UNIMODE in collaboration with PRECAM team from the medicine department.

WebMVC Spring Boot Application

Using an in-memory h2 database to create “out of the box” application. The application is implemented using JPA, making use of all that offers.
This project essentially has 3 entities: registered user, job and bid; a user can have many jobs, and a job has many bids.
Uses the Security module for authentication and authorisation (requires another entity, Role).
Forms are validated using form binding and suitable error messages are displayed by the view if the user makes a mistake.
It is possible to change the language of the website to spanish, english or french. User input is validated with suitable (international) error messages.

Ana Escobar

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